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A Call to Action For Peace and Justice In The Middle East

Over the past few weeks we have watched with horror as the violence in Palestine & Israel killed hundreds of innocent people, injured thousands more, and forced tens of thousands from their homes. The vast majority of the dead, wounded and displaced are Palestinians. To make matters worse, there has been an increase in the violence against the Jewish communities here in the US and across the world. Together with our allies in the Jewish community, we condemn in the strongest terms the violence and loss of innocent lives. We stand in solidarity with the victims and we affirm the right for all people, regardless of their race, religion, or background, to live in peace, free from violence and oppression.

We ask you to take action by staying current on the events of the region, listening to the stories from both sides, and learning more about the history of the people of who call Palestine and Israel their homes. Regardless of the complexity of the region, one thing is simple: there is no justification for violence targeted against innocent civilians. Contact your elected representatives today, demand that they condemn the violence, and that they take action to ensure the peace and security of all people in the region. Finally there is a huge humanitarian crisis underway. Please donate to the charities working hard to meet the needs of those who have suffered so much.

Please join us and together take action to condemn violence and stand for the freedom and security of all of our Middle Eastern brothers and sisters

The following charities working in Gaza have been brought to our attention by those we trust. They have good reputations, but please perform your own investigation before giving:

  • Human Concern International.

  • Medical Aid for Palestinians.

  • Anera.

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