New mentors make the best of friends

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

In coordination with the South Asian Bar Association of Washington (SABAW), MELAW kicked off the joint winter membership event with over 40 attendees, including 35 folks formally matched. Post-event emails from participants describe the event as "fantastic," "amazing" and "wonderful," and sharing that they are really looking forward to meeting up with their assigned partner. In particular, a lot of law students had expressed feeling isolated and lost in their registration materials. Based on what was overheard at the event, and the emails afterward, the large turnout of lawyers and their generosity with their time made a big impact on them.

Memorable quotes: "I've never met anyone like you." The mentor responded, "Well, we'll have to fix that, because there are more of us out there, trust me." Thank you to Foster Pepper LLC for hosting the event.

Want to become a mentor? Keep an eye out for our Fall Mentorship Event or email

Safa Peera, attorney with the Department of Public Defense NDA division, speaks with mentees about her work as a public defender.

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