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Sri Lankan Holy Day Turns Into Heartbreak

The news is too similar: a devoted people celebrating Easter Sunday in their places of worship ... only to have tragedy strike. With 290 souls gone and 500 injured, this is a clear display of hate and savagery. It is incredibly disheartening to be writing yet another post addressing the unimaginable shock and horror the worshipers faced yesterday. We hope for a quick recovery for those injured, comfort for the loved ones of those killed, and justice for those responsible for this crime. Together, we join those around the world by standing once again against hate, by praying for Sri Lanka, and by showing our support in whatever way we can.

How to Help

1) There are several GoFundMe accounts circulating through a "Sri Lanka" search including this one which has raised over $35,000. However, none of the campaigns seems to be vetted, so donate with caution. 

2) The American Red Cross is referring to the Sri Lanka Red Cross and the Asia Pacific office of the Red Cross and Red Crescent to help in the aftermath.

3) If you live in Sri Lanka, you can donate blood at your local hospital through the Sri Lanka National Blood Transfusion Service. The India Times reported that hospitals are seeking blood donations and people are lining up. Social media is also driving the effort to get donations. Here's how to find your closest donation site.

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